Global Lives Project

An immersive experience to build empathy in classrooms


The Global Lives Project is an open-source video library of life experiences around the world, based in San Francisco and run by over 2,000 volunteer filmmakers and producers worldwide.

After learning how teachers were constantly asking for help using video to build empathy in their classroom, we planned a campaign to send them curriculum and pop-up exhibit materials.

Approach and Results

We realized new supporters needed an immersive, in-person viewing of the full archive, because the power of empathy requires face-to-face viewing of unedited video of someone brushing their teeth, for example, to connect and move the audience.

Our campaign mobilized 30 volunteers in the San Francisco Bay Area and included a 400-person gala screening party organized in just three weeks.

We raised $45k (129% of our goal) through a custom crowdfunding page and grew online engagement by 300%. This included lasting capacity, from online organizing strategy for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and partnerships with local schools hosting exhibits.